Don’t Stunt Your Growth; Keep Learning!

Inundated with offerings of free, online , web-exes, seminars, networking presentations? Feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of offerings designed to lure you into still another class or to sell you something? Think you can’t afford the time so you don’t respond to any of them and don’t partake at all? That is an easy point to come to, but it would be a mistake. With so many of us still trying to become truly proficient on line or awakening to the the fact that our business model may need to change to stay relevant in the changing world, it is incumbent upon us to take advantage of those offerings which seem to make sense, even as frequently as one or two every week. The key is to probe what the content will be and whether it will be of value. Send an email back to the sponsor; look the organization up on the web and try to contact it before you make the commitment in your calendar. But, when you realize that it could be worth your time, take the time. Be sure to accommodate a few every month: keep abreast of changes, become adept with social media, or become informed enough to decide they are not for you. Whatever your field, the world is changing and you need to know how to change your own business with it!


About Wilder Baker

Retired advertising agency CEO now active as management consultant with focus on marketing and marketing communications. Work with small companies and business owners to develop their business over the long term. My relationship with clients often evolves into that of trusted personal, as well as business, adviser. I also take short term projects as I can be helpful. I serve on the Board of the American Advertising Federation where I am a past Chairman and am a Trustee of the Hyde Leadership Charter School in New York City.
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2 Responses to Don’t Stunt Your Growth; Keep Learning!

  1. Vicky Amon, Business People Assets says:

    It’s the sign of a smart executive who keeps learning and is open to new ideas.

  2. Lynn Amos says:

    It’s not a bad idea to identify one’s weaknesses and to keep an eye open for learning opportunities around that topic. I find that using that lens, it becomes much easier to decide where to spend my time.

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