Create A Niche If You Can!

Last month I heard Susan Friedman, a coach, author and speaker, make a really convincing case for creating, through unique positioning, a protective niche to fit your business into. Her well-taken point is that business is so competitive today with so many entrepreneurs and small companies active in virtually every category, that it is much easier to prosper if one can create a niche where there are only a few organizations in the same space. This not only reduces competition but means that your business will be more singular and more readily recalled than one in a category overrun with entries. And, if you can create a name or postioning line for your business which reinforces the benefits it provides, so much the better. Susan refers to people who are able to do this as “Nichepreneurs”. By adopting this kind of an approach, they often come to be thought of as experts in their field and thus are able to charge a premium for what they do. Sounds pretty smart to me! And, you can learn more on how to do all this by snapping up her book, “Riches In Niches – How to Make it BIG in a Small Market”.


About Wilder Baker

Retired advertising agency CEO now active as management consultant with focus on marketing and marketing communications. Work with small companies and business owners to develop their business over the long term. My relationship with clients often evolves into that of trusted personal, as well as business, adviser. I also take short term projects as I can be helpful. I serve on the Board of the American Advertising Federation where I am a past Chairman and am a Trustee of the Hyde Leadership Charter School in New York City.
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