What is Tickling Your Business Bone?

I am taking a blogging break for a few days as I  do some research on which topics are of the most continuing interest  to entrpreneurs and owners/leaders of small companies in the current business envitonment. For example,  the value of pursuing the social media world as a business tool is one major consideration which I know is bothering a lot of you but there are other basic matters which deserve to be thought about even before that, e.g. some blocking and tackling of basic initiatives which all small organizations need to keep in mind and practice if they are to build their business. For me, one such item is  market research which my experience tells me is undervalued and underspennt……it is too often regarded as an unnecessary expense rather than an invaluable investment. I will comment on this further in future columns but what issue or problems are you facing these days which I might be able to help with? Understaffed and underfinanced to bring on board that second or fifth individual you desparately need? Finding you need to reach your audience more frequently but are not sure advertising will work? Something else? Comment here and I will try to help. Excelsior!


About Wilder Baker

Retired advertising agency CEO now active as management consultant with focus on marketing and marketing communications. Work with small companies and business owners to develop their business over the long term. My relationship with clients often evolves into that of trusted personal, as well as business, adviser. I also take short term projects as I can be helpful. I serve on the Board of the American Advertising Federation where I am a past Chairman and am a Trustee of the Hyde Leadership Charter School in New York City.
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1 Response to What is Tickling Your Business Bone?

  1. Lynn Amos says:

    Finding my niche is my current problem. It has been suggested to me that my niche will find me. Do you think this is so?

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