Making The New Year Exciting and Rewarding

I decided at the end of 2009  to make 2010 a more exciting and rewarding year. Accordingly, I am challenging myself to learn two new skills – one for my business and one for my personal life – and am suggesting this might be a good way to help many of us move ahead. For  my company, I want to master the use of social media for  my clients’ benefit and, for me as well. My personal goal is to become a respectable golfer (low 90s and threatening). I am not sure which will prove more challenging but since winter has a fast hold on us, I am starting with the social media resolution.

You are now reading  my first  blog. It will be oriented towards entrepreneurial and small company marketing and marketing communications  issues but will address lots of other areas along the way based on my 40 years in business. I will try to post 2-3x per week and  I am really hoping to  make some new friends along the way. You are full-heartedly invited to participate with me, post comments, suggest subjects of interest and value and see if we can be of help to each other and enjoy our daily journey even more than we did last year. By way of context, you can take a look at my profile and you can find me on Linked In and Face Book. I look forward to conversing with you and hope you will let me know who you are  and what you are up to. Thanks for listening.



About Wilder Baker

Retired advertising agency CEO now active as management consultant with focus on marketing and marketing communications. Work with small companies and business owners to develop their business over the long term. My relationship with clients often evolves into that of trusted personal, as well as business, adviser. I also take short term projects as I can be helpful. I serve on the Board of the American Advertising Federation where I am a past Chairman and am a Trustee of the Hyde Leadership Charter School in New York City.
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4 Responses to Making The New Year Exciting and Rewarding

  1. nevie says:

    Hello Wilder,

    How wonderful to start a blog.

    I can’t wait to follow it.
    Take care,

  2. Art Style says:

    Social media is key to exposure in 2010. Writing a blog is a frightening exercise, but rewarding because of this very nature.

    I suggest that as you acclimate to the blogosphere, you consider setting up a Twitter account. It keeps you in the loop with your followers and those you are following.

    Another bit of advice is to share the wealth with other bloggers. Go to their sites, leave thoughtful comments, and ask questions that require a response that benefits your efforts and highlights their skills.

  3. Hi, Wilder. I am looking forward to following your blog!

    All the best,

  4. Anonymous says:


    Look forward to reading more. I’ve been trying to maintain a blog the past couple years. For your reading pleasure:

    Phil M

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